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available lot


Wether you are purchasing a lot with a current property on it or have land available to build on, it's important to talk with your local township to make sure you can knockdown, renovate or build on the lot. Additional factors can impact the design and size of the property.




Every project has a budget. Noah Properties will work with you to ensure you properly plan for upcoming expenses throughout the building process. Some common costs to consider are the purchase of lot, architecture plans, interior designing fees, construction materials, labor, permits, etc.

Home Construction


development team


Whenever working on new construction, it is important to have a connected team of architects, builders, designers. This helps to alleviate any miscommunication or delay timelines during a build.

When you work with a luxury real estate development firm like Noah Properties, you will have a dedicated team with a combined 20+ years of experience in property development.





From the properties exterior through to the interior, having an established style is essential for setting your custom build apart. Everything from picking out the individual building materials to selecting the perfect interior finishes that properly reflect the taste of those accustomed to the best in quality design, finishes and lifestyle while staying true to the homes personality.

Bullet Journal




The home building varies with every project, as there are many factors that play into the scheduling and timelines of each specific build. It's necessary to work closely with your development team to ensure they can meet your timeline expectations and stay on track.

work with noah properties

Use the form below to let us know about where you are in the process of building, and we will reach out to you to answer any questions and start the process.

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